Close The Gap Foundation

Rural Growth & Development

Foundation Mission

Our goal is to provide information and resources that will enhance the life for all people in rural Mississippi. Through collaborative efforts and training sessions, we will grow and enrich our best asset, the people of Mississippi.

Job Training Opportunities

  • Promote Adult Literacy

  • Convict Re-entry Program

  • Job Skills

Computer Literacy Workshops

  • Navigate Online Resources

  • Basic Computer Skills

  • Email Maintenance

Youth Development and Outreach

  • Create enrichment opportunities for youth in rural locations

  • Connect urban resources to rural locations

Community Outreach and Information Forums

Provide accurate health, social, and economic information to rural MS.


Contact or to get more information about the foundation and our mission and how you can get involved.

If yes, please take a few minutes to complete the MS Rural Needs Asessment . Your voice matters. After you submit the survey, you will be automatically entered in our drawing to receive a $25.00 Walmart Gift Card.